Build a Ring with Us

We love making custom rings.   The photos in the Cut Stone section of our site are rings that have already been shipped out to customers and retail stores.  Use the photos to help decide what you want.  

There are three choice points in helping us design a ring:

1. The Stone

Choose a stone.  

What size stone do you want?  Small or large.  Small stones range from 3-6mm in diameter and large rings range from 8-12mm.  If you want to see a visual of the difference between small and large, please see the footnote, Stone Size for Rings.  

Is there a stone shape you prefer?  Flat or chunky? Angular or rounded? 

The Setting

What type of setting do you prefer?  claw/bezel/filigree/combination.  For small stones, we usually recommend just claws.  The larger the stone, the more possibility in terms of setting.  A bezel setting is gold that encircles the entirety of the stone.  Filigree is the ornate setting on the stone.  

 The Band

Take a look at photos to see different options.  Consider whether you want a skinny or heavy band and whether you prefer round or square.  

Extra Gold:  Do you want extra gold in your band?  The cost for most bands is $90.  We can also make all gold bands.  Please inquire about it if interested.  

Email us once you are ready to move forward or if you have any questions.  

Thanks so much